Czech First Video Marketa

We have another great Czech first video featuring Marketa this time. This isn’t an ordinary update because in this one Marketa arrived at the shooting with her mother. Apparently, they are really close and love sharing everything. We must admit this was the first time something like this happened on our set. Usually, people try to keep it as private as they can, so she definitely was a surprise. Her mom seemed really nice and she made sure that her daughter was going to be ok on the set and that she wasn’t getting scammed. She didn’t get in her way, she was there just for support. Marketa found this casting ad on the street and thought to give it a try. She has some experience and this wouldn’t be the first time she’s done it while being recorded. Her mom insisted that she came with her to make sure everything is on. Although it was weird seeing both of them there, they seemed pretty close and her mom didn’t bother them too much. Marketa, like we said earlier, didn’t have any problems sucking off his dick and riding it in front of the camera. Her mom was really cool seeing that too. But you can check everything out in the czechfirstvideo below!

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  • Updated March 1, 2017