Czech First Video – Lenka

Lenka is our guest star in the latest Czech first video. The 24 years old, Lenka, wants to be a porn star and Robert is here to help her out in a special Czech Casting session. She’s not your ordinary amateur, she has some rules she always respects or at least tries too. She wants to become porn star mainly for the money but we first have to find out if she has what it takes to make it in the business. Although at first, she was against blowjobs and anal, somehow Robert makes her change her mind. Robert has his own way with the ladies and always gets what he wants from them, one way or another and with this one was the same story. Although Lenka seemed pretty sure of herself, but not enough to turns Robert down. She still had to impress us and she knew that. We took our latest guest to our hotel and there things really start moving.


So in no time he was destroying all of her rules and Lenka ended up with his dick halfway down her throat. She barely had time to breath because her ass was next and it received a deep inspection. For the good job she did, Lenka received at the end a huge load of jizz in her filthy mouth. Well, the general rule applied here too, rules are made to be broken! Enjoy our upcoming porn star, Lenka!
  • Updated February 28, 2017

Czech First Video – Kristyna

Welcome back for more hot amateurs in action! Kristyna is today on the menu and offered us an amazing Czech first video. She is a stripper that decided to start filming porn. Being a stripper really helped her out now because she didn’t have any problems undressing in front of the entire crew. But let us tell you more about Kristyna because she is one of the hottest amateurs we got around here. Don’t get us wrong every girl around here is hot but she has something special. We knew that she was going to be amazing even before we begun shooting just by listening her speaking. Kristyna couldn’t wait to start shooting and giving this a try but we have to describe her first, to understand the entire scene that waits for you.

She was full boobs, a small ass…everything you could imagine. Kristyna found out about this part from Robert and everyone knows that Robert’s friends are a bit kinky. That’s another great reason why you should check out the entire czech Broke Amateurs scene. Kristyna ended up getting fucked by her good old friend Robert and she did a hell of a job sucking off his dick and riding it. She did a great job and you can check her out in the gallery. Watch it, enjoy it, love it and then watch it again and don’t forget to get back for more.

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  • Updated February 28, 2017

Czech Amateur Adriena

Here we go again and as usual, it’s gonna be hard to forget. Czech First Video has a hot girl with an exotic name, Adriena, for you guys. She’s 23 years old and yesterday she shot her first video. She heard about us from some of her friends and she came to try it out too, to earn some extra money. She shoot her scene the same day we met her and for a rookie we think she did a pretty good job. Adriena is a nice girl that had mainly long term relationships. We interviewed her before we started to get to know her better. She loves sex and now that she’s currently single she decided to try something new. Adriena, being a student, could definitely use some extra cash, so this offer actually combined both of her passions, money, and sex. She wasn’t too interested in a career in the business but she couldn’t turn down the money.

Adriena wasn’t a big fan of the cameras but she did it anyway for the cash. In the beginning of the interview, she’s gonna reveal some really interesting things about her and her sex life and afterward, she’s gonna show the crew just how much she loves sex. As you already know here you are going to find some of the hottest amateurs trying out for a new career. So don’t miss her in action in her first ever Czech video.  Stay tuned for more czechfirstvideo updates to see more amateurs in action!

See this amateur in her first Czech video!

  • Updated March 2, 2017

CzechFirstVideo – Andrea

Hello there! Welcome back to another spectacular Czech first video. Andrea is our guest of the day and she really wants to become a porn star. The 26 years old blonde has an unusual story because although she didn’t shot any scenes she’s no rookie. Andrea works as an escort and only last year she served around 500 guys. With a job like that she’s used to getting down with different guys. Everyone knows how the escort business goes and the things the girls do for some extra cash at the end of the night. That’s the obvious part of the job. So let’s say that Andrea has some experience in this and she’s gonna show it to us all in front of the rolling camera.

So maybe this time we are going to be the ones learning something new. But let us tell a bit more about Andrea, she had impressive tits and really enjoys anal sex, sound pretty good right? Also, another amazing thing is that she is used to obeying every command, from work of course. We hope we got you at least a bit more interested in Andrea and you will check her out in the gallery below. This was all for today but we’ll bring you more czechfirstvideo updates next time!

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  • Updated March 1, 2017

Czech First Video – Alena & Katka

For this Czech first video we have something really special, two slutty chicks are getting pounded for the first time in front of the camera today. We thought to spice things up a bit for you guys with this one. So instead of inviting one girl, we got two hot blondes for one shooting. So it is our pleasure to introduce you to Alena and Katka, the sexiest Czech girls. We can’t go wrong with these girls, all of the are hot and most important they are willing to try out almost anything, so yeah we are really lucky. The two friends wanted to try this out together and this worked out great for our guy Robert, because he loves threesomes, more than anything.

Neither of them had any porn experience but they are all set to learn their first lesson. Robert, their co-star, was a pain in the ass, but after he calmed down he ended up offering us one of the longest videos. It was a crazy threesome and you must see the girls in their first experience in front of the camera. The girls did an amazing job sucking and riding his hard pole in front of the cameras. We think they did a great job! Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy!

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  • Updated March 1, 2017

First Video Veronika

Hello! We got the brand new update from your favorite CzechFirstVideo. Veronika is the astonishing chick we have for you. She is young and she’s more than experienced so she’s perfect for the job. Veronika loves anal sex and swallowing cum and those are the first things she said when she met with the casting crew. The interview started really well and she was really honest about her preferences so it wasn’t too hard to put her in front of the cameras with Robert. From what she told us she is up to anything and likes experiencing new things all the time. So this worked out great for everyone.

Like every one of these amateurs, she needed money too and when you aren’t the biggest fan of hard working this it the best solution.  Don’t you just love these broke amateurs? Like we said so many times, these girls don’t say no to anything, especially for the right amount. She went to met with the casting crew and after telling them about all of her experience and preferences it wasn’t too hard to pick her for the part. The blonde amateur did an amazing job and she wasn’t kidding at all when she told us that she loves getting her ass fucked. Check her out below!

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  • Updated March 1, 2017

Czech First Video – Kamila

Kamila brought us her czech first video in this update. The slutty blonde used to work at a brothel so she didn’t mind at all fucking with complete strangers. Besides, this way she was getting way more money in a shorter amount of time. Kamila was introduced to the porn director by one of her friends and after they settled over all the details it was time to shoot the scene. With her background, it was a delight to have her with us. Like we said earlier fucking with strangers wasn’t a problem for her, the only things that bothered her were the cameras but she tried as hard as she could to ignore them. After the action got more intense she forgot about them anyway.

She wasn’t expecting so many cameras on her so it was a bit intimidating at first. But no one loves fucking more than Kamila so she ignored them and did what she knows best and that is sucking and taking dicks up her holes. The slutty blonde did it like a pro and you can check her out in the gallery below. We really hope this is isn’t the last time we are going to see her here. We’re pretty sure that you guys will enjoy it too. This was all for today’s czechfirstvideo update but stay tuned!

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  • Updated March 1, 2017

CzechFirstVideo – Pavla

Pavla is here with her Czechfirstvideo. The hot Czech amateur brought us her first video in front of a camera. She needed some money and everyone knows this is the easiest way to get it. But she still had to work for them, but as you are going to see the hot brunette amateur doesn’t mind at all getting hammered before a cam. Pavla heard about this guy from some of her friends, he was in town looking for some fresh faces for some porn movies. It wasn’t really her thing but she gave it a try anyway, she didn’t have anything to lose. She was getting some fast money and having fun too, it was a win-win situation.

The best part is that he was paying for auditions too. So Pavla tried it because she was getting some money either way. She went there filled all the paperwork, got her check and now it was show time. She was a bit nervous seeing all those cameras pointed towards her, but she tried ignoring them. Pavla did a great job and got all the money she needed by the end of the day, but you can check it out for yourself. See her starting with a blowjob and them getting her holes pounded in front of our casting crew. Enjoy!

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  • Updated March 1, 2017

Czech First Video Marketa

We have another great Czech first video featuring Marketa this time. This isn’t an ordinary update because in this one Marketa arrived at the shooting with her mother. Apparently, they are really close and love sharing everything. We must admit this was the first time something like this happened on our set. Usually, people try to keep it as private as they can, so she definitely was a surprise. Her mom seemed really nice and she made sure that her daughter was going to be ok on the set and that she wasn’t getting scammed. She didn’t get in her way, she was there just for support. Marketa found this casting ad on the street and thought to give it a try. She has some experience and this wouldn’t be the first time she’s done it while being recorded. Her mom insisted that she came with her to make sure everything is on. Although it was weird seeing both of them there, they seemed pretty close and her mom didn’t bother them too much. Marketa, like we said earlier, didn’t have any problems sucking off his dick and riding it in front of the camera. Her mom was really cool seeing that too. But you can check everything out in the czechfirstvideo below!

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  • Updated March 1, 2017

Czech First Timer – Julie

This is Julie’s first sex tape but we think she did a great job. The hot amateur got paid to get fucked in front of the camera in this latest update. This is the first time the hot brunette tried out something like this, but she needed the money. Julie worked at this hotel and one of her clients overheard her complaining about money while speaking on the phone so he found the best way that both of them could win out of this situation. He approached Julie after she finished cleaning his room and offered her a lot of money to start in his porn movie. Julie never thought the video will actually be posted online. She thought that he needed an excuse to bang her, so he told her that he is a movie director. But she desperately needed the cash so she did it anyway and she did a great job. Maybe we’ll get to see more of her in the futures because she really knows how to please a man. See her below sucking off dicks and taking them deep in her holes and of course getting them filled with cum too. You can see Julie’s first time on a camera below. Enjoy it!

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  • Updated March 1, 2017