Czech First Video – Kristyna

Welcome back for more hot amateurs in action! Kristyna is today on the menu and offered us an amazing Czech first video. She is a stripper that decided to start filming porn. Being a stripper really helped her out now because she didn’t have any problems undressing in front of the entire crew. But let us tell you more about Kristyna because she is one of the hottest amateurs we got around here. Don’t get us wrong every girl around here is hot but she has something special. We knew that she was going to be amazing even before we begun shooting just by listening her speaking. Kristyna couldn’t wait to start shooting and giving this a try but we have to describe her first, to understand the entire scene that waits for you.

She was full boobs, a small ass…everything you could imagine. Kristyna found out about this part from Robert and everyone knows that Robert’s friends are a bit kinky. That’s another great reason why you should check out the entire czech Broke Amateurs scene. Kristyna ended up getting fucked by her good old friend Robert and she did a hell of a job sucking off his dick and riding it. She did a great job and you can check her out in the gallery. Watch it, enjoy it, love it and then watch it again and don’t forget to get back for more.

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  • Updated February 28, 2017